Shay. 20. Texas girl born and raised. I'm an internationally ranked gymnast. World Vice Champion.
Supernatural, TWD, San Antonio Spurs, and Ed Sheeran addict
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does anyone else get friend-jealous really easily?

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i touched a dick once and it was the scariest thing in my life because it had a really cold head and i don’t know it wasn’t fun

sometimes the ‘i’ and ‘u’ shouldn’t be so close on the keyboard 

ive seen this post umpteen times and ive always thought that if you switched u and i around it wouldn’t make sense like “u touched a” and i literally just realised you meant duck and not dick i swear to god i am the biggest fucking idiot.

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i tried to scroll past this but that one reblog just might save somebodies life 

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"dean keeps wiping mirrors because he’s expecting cas to be there"
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people who don’t sit through the credits after a marvel movie are weak and won’t last the winter.

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